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The GTIN, or Global Trade Item Number, is needed to generate a barcode for labelling your products in line with market practice.

The GTIN is similar to a licence: you do not buy the number but instead acquire the right to use it for the period of time paid for. If the period of time is not extended on expiry, you lose all rights to use the GTIN. 

The GTIN Registry is an online tool. This tool allows you to create GS1 article numbers (GTINs) from the base number (GCP) and then download EAN 13 barcodes. In addition, you can enter product master data in structured form in the GTIN Registry.

GS1 Switzerland is responsible for allocating GS1 basic numbers (Global Company Prefix, GCP) in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. GS1 member organisations are represented in more than 100 countries. The GS1 System is used worldwide by approx. 1.5 million companies in almost 150 countries.

Thanks to the GTIN Registry:

- you always know which GTIN you have assigned to which product
- the next free GTIN is automatically assigned
- no need to calculate the check digit
- you receive the correct barcode in the best quality and according to the requirements of the trade regarding valid and verified identification

The GTIN Registry is a service for members of GS1 Switzerland who have licensed one or more base numbers (GCP).  To become a member of GS1 Switzerland, please visit the website There you will find all useful information about membership and the corresponding application form. As a member of GS1 Switzerland you also benefit from numerous other services such as consulting and training offers.

After your membership application has been processed, you will receive your welcome letter by e-mail. In it you will find the link to the online tool. After a one-time registration you can log in with your email and password.

Yes, you can delegate GTIN management to your staff. This way you can maintain GTIN management (your GTIN allocation) even during holiday periods. Make sure that your deputy has access to the GTIN Registry. To do this, they must first create (register) an online account: Create one here. 
Then use the contact form to let us know for which person (name, e-mail address) we may set up access.

Please use the "Forgot your password?" function on, which you will find directly under the registration area. To do so, click on "Login" and "Forgot password" and follow the instructions step by step.

In the GTIN Registry you can not only create GTINs but also enter the most important product data. In addition to the brand name and the brand owner, this includes an article description and dimensions of the product. You can upload an imange and enter an internal article number and an internal comment.

You can only enter products which are identified with a GTIN, which come from your licensed number range. 

Watch our tutorial video (in german) here and learn how to create an article in the GTIN registry and then create a barcode.

Watch our tutorial video (in german) here and learn how to create an article in the GTIN Registry and then create a barcode.

The following basic principles should be observed by every brand  owner when making changes to an existing product and also when developing a strategy for the GTIN assignment for a new product.
A change to the GTIN is required if at least one of the basic principles applies:
1. is the consumer and/or trading partner expected to be able to distinguish a changed or new product from the previous/existing product?
2. is there a legal/obligatory requirement to provide information to consumers or trading partners?
3. are significant effects on the supply chain to be expected (e.g. how the product is shipped, stored, received)?

Further information can be found in the GS1 GTIN Management Standard.

You can unlock a GTIN at any time. Please note that since January 1, 2019, you are not allowed to re-use a GTIN due to new allocation rules. 

The Internet does not forget. All data, information and thus also article numbers remain forever in today's digital world. Products including all product information continue to exist in the online channels, even if they have long since been discontinued and are no longer produced. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to be able to clearly identify products in order to ensure a consistent shopping experience - offline and online - as well as consistent merchandise management worldwide.
Once a GTIN has been assigned, it is permanently linked to the product and may no longer be assigned to another product. This means that each item is identified by a unique GTIN and therefore cannot be confused with another product. 

To import already created GTINs and product data you can use the Excel import interface. Follow the step by step instructions in the GTIN registry. 

Currently the GTIN Registry is available in German, French and English. 

When logging in, select the number range you want to edit. To switch between the number ranges a logout and logon procedure is necessary.